Challenge Yourself - 12 week program

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself is a 12 week program  that teaches you healthy habits and how to move your body in to the one that you have always wanted. It is designed to help you lose weight and maintain a body composition that you have always wanted. 

You commit to 3 personal training sessions per week with a qualified personal trainer, you get free access to the gym and fitness classes for the whole 12 weeks, an initial lifestyle evaluation, fitness assessment and movement screening and a nutrition consultation and constant nutrition support as and when you need it.  Throughout the 12 weeks you have constant contact with trainers at the gym, a set weekly check in with one of your trainers and crisis meetings if you ever need them. You are also entitled to additional gym programs if you want them. Along with all of this – the program also comes with a 50% off a remedial massage from our affiliated myo therapist at My Myo 

Let us give you the tools to stay on track. We are confidence that with this level of help and our expertise we are able to help you achieve results you have always wanted and create a healthy and happy lifestyle. Read Gerard's and Ashlea's stories to discover their thoughts on the program

For more information or to talk to us about this exciting program please give us a call on 0424974681 or 98153898

Challenge Yourself: Testimonial

Ashlea Borean

Before and After photo of Ashlea

I completed a 12 week challenge with Chris' Gym from January to April 15 and I got some big results! I lost 10 kilos and 45cm off my body. I have also made a lot of healthy habits, and enjoy working out and overall feeling fit and healthy.

Rebecca is always able to keep my focused on my goals and is able to get the very best from me. She helps me challenge myself and wants me to be healthier. Rebecca will get you to work hard, but understands your limits. She will get you to achieve your personal best. Rebecca always brings a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and variety which makes each session fun. Her ongoing support, guidance and knowledge have assisted me in losing weight and I would highly recommend her and Chris' Gym for personal training.

Challenge Yourself: Testimonial

Gerard Renato

Before and After photo of Gerard

After spending 3 years of not exercising and maintaining a poor diet I realised that I had been neglecting my body and general well-being for too long. I was not only overweight and unfit, but I was emotionally and mentally unhappy and tired. The gym was never a place that I had much success with in the past so I decided to get some help from a Personal Trainer.

Upon meeting Chris he took the time to listen to my story and was genuinely interested in finding out what I wanted to get out of the personal training sessions but more importantly how he could help to achieve that.

Chris' personal training programs are dynamic, challenging, supportive and varied. They are specifically tailored to ensure that I not only got results but also allowed me to understand what it felt to be healthy again and the importance of exercise and nutrition in my everyday life.

Chris' professional service also provided me with tools I could take into my life outside of the personal training sessions, allowing me to get further results at home.

After 12 weeks I have lost 18.5kgs and lost a large amount of centimeters around my entire body. I'm a fitter, healthier and happier person and I've only just begun.

I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is considering a personal trainer. He will make sure you reach your goals no matter how big they are.

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