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What is healthy?

There are healthier options out there but it isn't always a healthy choice
Recent Posts What is healthy? As personal trainers we have a lot of people telling us that certain foods are healthy when they describe to us what they have eaten during the da…

Glycemic Index

What the glycemic index is
Recent Posts Glycemic Index   Previously on the Chris’ Gym blog, we discussed the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates, and touched on Glycaemic Index (GI).  …

Prept Nutrition

Why we are working with Prept
Recent Posts   Although we love our 12 week challenge and our clients are getting great results on it, we are always looking to evolve and improve our service. A lot of what we…

The Difference Between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist

Our in-house Dietitian Claire discusses the difference between her and a Nutritionist.
Recent Posts       Dietitians….. So much more than ‘eat more fruit and vegetables’.   As a dietitian I am a highly qualified expert in food, nutrition and eating. I a…

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