7 Weeks In

Aug 20, 2015

So I am 7 weeks in to the challenge and you are expecting me to say that I feel amazing right? I don’t feel much different actually! Apart from a little smug that I am sticking to what I said I would. Well 98% of the time. I am not drinking through the week. I have completely cut out sugar. Apart from a cave last week with some Lindt 90% cacao chocolate a whole 100grams of it!! That is my 2%. I feel that my mood has balance out somewhat. But I am not finding that I have heaps more energy or that my skin has cleared up – but that’s ok. Because I didn’t have that 3pm slump that people talk about or very bad skin anyway. But let’s go back to my mood and energy levels – although I do not feel a sore in energy level, my mood has improved greatly! I love waking up in the morning (yes even at 5am because I feel good about myself) I know that I am putting healthy food in my body, that means a lot of fruit and vegetables, a lot of water, good fats, protein and carbohydrate. As I mentioned before – I’ve tried to completely cut out sugar. So apart from the odd raw sugar treat or piece of dark chocolate, I am making a conscious effort to not have the white stuff in my diet. I think this has helped with cutting out alcohol altogether for a while. A lot of people forget or don’t know how much sugar is in alcohol. To put it simply – you get 4 calories from each gram of protein and carbohydrate that you consume and you get 7 calories from 1 gram of alcohol that you consume plus the added sugars in alcohol. So you consume the most amount of calories gram for gram when you drink alcohol.

And wine has a very high sugar content also – so I decided to completely cut out alcohol. I did not drink a single drop of alcohol for 4 weeks and although I didn’t see huge changes to my physique I didn’t miss it or have any sugar cravings which showed me that once you completely cut something out – it is very easy to forget about it. The weekend of my 7th week in to the challenge I had a wedding to attend. I decided that I wasn’t going to be strict on myself that day – because weddings are special days. I thoroughly enjoyed the day – the bride and groom looked divine and the food and wine were spectacular and I had a bit of a sore head the next day! But now I have to re-focus and stay on track. There are 5 weeks left of the challenge now and I am determined to keep feeling like I have been which is really positive and focused. I love being the healthiest version of me. I feel that half way through now it gets a little harder especially as I had an overindulgent weekend. All the bad habits can come creeping back in and the cravings start again. But I am trying to stay focused – I feel that talking about it helps too. With my client’s, with Andrea – knowing that other people go through the same things. That’s why Andrea and I started the challenge in the first place. So that we could empathize with clients. It’s harder now because I have denied myself things for a while now and I’ve done so well that – I do want to give in to my sugar cravings. And my friends are bored of my ‘health kick’ and have lost interest in coming to my house to eat healthy dinners (well they aren’t as enthusiastic as they was) but my ‘health kick’ isn’t a kick. I had the foundations there. I just needed to fine tune it a little. And for me that was alcohol and portion control. I now know that I don’t have to eat 2 breakfasts to get through my morning (even if I do get up at 5am!) a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts will do me at mid-morning. I am also drinking plenty of water, without fail which makes a big difference. I am being strict on myself at the moment, which when the challenge is over – I think I will be a little lenient. But I do want to see changes in my body and because I didn’t have a poor diet and I did regularly exercise before I started the challenge – I know that for these 12 weeks I have to be pretty strict! And it’s hard but I know it will be worth it. Even if it makes me grumpy sometimes.

To say that I am enjoying the challenge – may be a little much. Especially doing it so publicly – however it is making me focused and disciplined and like I said – I am feeling better for it, even if some of it is psychologically because I am proud of myself. Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself? Isn’t that one of the best feelings to have about yourself? And to know that there are people supporting me and going through the same thing – that helps too. I encourage everyone to set themselves a challenge. If you want our help, we will be here. If not – that’s great too but I urge everyone to strive to feel good about themselves doing whatever it is to challenge themselves…

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