Why we are doing the 12 week challenge

Jul 17, 2015

Why we are doing the 12 Week Challenge…

We have been running the 12 week challenge for 10 months now. And we have had some great results! Hannah, our first ever challenger lost 9.5 on her 12 week challenge. Gerard has lost 18.5KG and Ashlea has lost 10KG, we have another client Elizabeth who is 2 months in and has already lost 5.5KG. But we are also finding that half way through if, not before, that a lot of our client’s on the challenge are falling behind on filling in their food diaries, or missing one of their compulsory 3 training sessions. There are reasons for this – life. Now we are all sympathetic to people’s busy lives, we also have busy lives, what with working early mornings and late nights and then everything in between. But when people commit to the challenge – we ask for just that. A commitment to coming to the gym and to sticking to a healthy diet and letting us look over what you are eating in the way of a food diary. We can’t help you as much if we aren’t being giving all the information or even seeing you.

So Andrea and I decided to take the challenge and be strict on ourselves. Eat the right foods, document what we are eating and train 5 times a week. We want to show people that the challenge takes consistency and dedication. I am not trying to say that our challengers are not dedicated but I would like people to understand more that we have set this challenge up to get great results for you. But we need your help to do this. Every exercise routine and lifestyle overhaul starts with the person who wants to make the change. Not with the trainer – we want to help you but only if you want to help yourself. We are dedicated to you, we believe in you. You need to believe in yourself.

We started the 12 week challenge on 1st July – so we are 2 weeks in. Both Andrea and I identified our weaknesses – hers being chocolate, mine being alcohol and we have given them up. So my winter evenings are pretty boring without a nice glass of red wine! But we want results and we want to experience what our clients go through, so it isn’t just sympathy we can give you.  It is understanding. We each have different goals but we know that we can get to them using the same avenues. Training hard and eating right and sticking to that philosophy.

Andrea and I will look for ways to keep our training interesting, we will train with some of the other trainers in the gym as we appreciate that sometimes other people can push you more than you can push yourself – hence why people have personal trainers. We won’t stop our social lives either, we will just choose what we do wisely and when we are out we will make good food and drink choices. It’s 12 weeks, we want to make a difference to our bodies for health reasons and to feel better about ourselves and we are focussed on showing people that hard work can have great results.

So follow our journey, we have an Instagram page


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